Karen McGill

Employment Law Training & HR Consultancy

Understanding the reach and implications of employment law is essential for any organisation regardless of its size. We are experienced in training at all levels – from those who need to start at the beginning to those who have many years of experience.

We offer pre-recorded training videos, live training (in person and online) for groups of any size or one-to-one specialist training. We tailor structured rolling programmes for organisations or prepare bespoke materials when a specific need arises. Read more here.

Our free-to-access 10 Minutes series will give you a flavour of what we offer. For example:

10 Minutes on ... Contracts of Employment (Part 1)

Part of our free 10 Minutes series, this episode looks at the terms of the Employment Rights Act 1996 that deal with written particulars of employment and highlights the changes that came into effect in April 2020 and the penalties for not providing written particulars.

10 Minutes on ... Contracts of Employment (Part 2)

Part of our free 10 Minutes series, Part 2 follows on from Part 1 and looks at zero hours contracts, terms that will be implied by law e.g. minimum notice periods and common law implied terms such as the duty of mutual trust and confidence.

You can find more free publications in our Library.